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 Rules Of Legends Guild

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PostSubject: Rules Of Legends Guild   Wed Mar 10, 2010 6:21 am


1. Character trying to join Legends MUST be a main character
2. You cannot be member of other guild with your other characters. Exceptions is Hades
3. Cheating, using exploits, botting, scamming is not allowed here. You will be kicked if proven you did it.
4. If you are cought spying on our guild and tell others our plans for siege etc.. you will be kicked and hunted for ever.


1. Use of Ventrilo and Forums is mandatory. Even if you cant talk and write you need to read forums for updates be on ventrilo during major events (in example sieges)

2. Respect our alliances.
- never attack them without valid reason and if you have a good reason make sure you can prove your words (take screenshot).
- always help them when you can, even if they dont ask for it (but if they ask to stay back respect their wish)
- if you are attacked by ally you can defend yourself with all possible ways but after incident contact with one of Guild Masters or Assistant
- always try to solve conflicts without fight. First think, then talk and fight only if you have to. Fights between our members and allies are always discussed between leaders of both guilds.
- all above goes also to twinks of our allies, at least those who you are know about.

3. If you are attacked and need help you shoud call for help on guild or union chat. Everyone who can (is in or higher level range) should help you.

4. Always try to help other members in any possible way - with tips, with build, with gear.

5. If you do not agree with any of those rules we are open for discussion, but until changes are made you need to stick with it.

6. When you are on ALT char that is not in guild you still need to respect the rules.

*Rule are subject of change at anytime
**In some cases there may be exceptions, decision is for Leaders

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Rules Of Legends Guild
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